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Office of General Counsel - Compliance, Legal & Technical Assistance

Welcome to the Office of General Counsel's (OGC) section on the League's Web site- your premiere resource for all the latest Illinois state and federal regulatory, compliance, legal, and technical information!

OGC has extensive experience with financial institution law, particularly with federal and state regulation of credit unions. Its practice focuses on legislative, regulatory and transactional issues affecting the credit union industry, as well as corporate law matters. OGC provides League member credit unions with legal, technical, regulatory and legislative information and support and ongoing analysis of laws, regulations and court decisions affecting credit union operations.

Disclaimer: The Illinois Credit Union League is not engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice. This information is intended as a foundation for further investigation and study by the credit union user with its retained attorneys and other professional advisers.

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Through the League, you have access to three attorneys and one technical specialist, who provide a diverse range of legal and technical information and services.

Stephen R. Olson - Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer

Steve Haubner – Assistant General Counsel

Katherine Schnack  - Compliance and Corporate Counsel

Kari Osier -  Compliance Specialist